TyreTec System Features

TyreTec is a comprehensive control system for tyre centers and tyre fitters of all sizes.

The links to the left provide more in-depth information about the TyreTec system, or this page contains a small overview about each section.

  • Dashboard - Provides a general overview of the company on that day
  • Tyre Management - Manage tyres, check stock levels and return tyres
  • Parts Management - Manage parts, check stock levels and return parts
  • Customer Management - Keep track of account customers
  • Supplier Management - Track suppliers, see what you've spent and with who
  • Invoices - Tracking previous invoices for both account and regular customers
  • Reports & Accountancy - Highly detailed business and accounting reports
  • HR & Payroll - Store information about your staff, track holidays and manage the day-to-day running.
  • Pricing Guide - Scan your sales history for a recommended price per tyre
  • Settings - Change the system to suite your business with different staff members having different permissions
  • Support - We include free support with the TyreTec system.
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