TyreTec Features

TyreTec is a comprehensive control system for tyre centers and tyre fitters of all sizes.

The links to the left provide more in-depth information about the TyreTec system, or this page contains a small overview about each section.

  • Dashboard - Provides a general overview of the company on that day
  • Tyre Management - Manage tyres, check stock levels and return tyres
  • Parts Management - Manage parts, check stock levels and return parts
  • Customer Management - Keep track of account customers
  • Supplier Management - Track suppliers, see what you've spent and with who
  • Invoicing - Tracking previous invoices for both account and regular customers
  • Reports - Print daily reports, view your top 10 tyres and more
  • Settings & Security - Change the system to suite your business with different staff members having different permissions
  • Human Resources - Store information about your staff, track holidays and manage the day-to-day running.
  • Software Support - We include free support with the TyreTec system.
  • Coming Soon - We've got lots of features planned, take a look at the TyreTec roadmap.

Keeping track of tyres is of major importance for any tyre business

TyreTec provides the ability to manage multiple tyres, storing all the vital information including cost, supply and fitted prices.

  • Add an unlimited amount of tyres to the system
  • Store tyres in multiple categories including new, part worn and winter.
  • Reserve tyres for customers
  • Review tyre history including past sales
  • Easy to add or return tyres
  • Search by brand, width, profile, size, speed or pattern
  • Monitor stock levels and hide 'zeroed' tyres

When you might not stock many parts, keeping track of them is of high importance

TyreTec's parts system allows tyre companies to manage stock levels and invoice parts to customers alongside tyres.

  • Full inventory list
  • Reserve parts for customers
  • Check full stock history
  • Part purchases can be linked to suppliers for tracking and producing supplier statements
  • Book parts out onto invoices along with tyres

Managing past and present customers is of vast importance for any company

TyreTec stores information for your account customers, so you can track past purchases and future invoicing

  • Easy to see all account customers
  • One click to view all invoices for each customer
  • Print & Email customer statements
  • Easily add a new account customer
  • You can also store basic information on non-account customers, ideal for mailing and promotion.

Keep track of suppliers, add tyres and track stock management

With TyreTec, You can manage a list of all your tyre and part suppliers, making it easier to track spending, add invoices and much more!

  • Manage suppliers and their contact information
  • Easily view information about the supplier including returns
  • Print a statement between selected dates
  • Place an order directly with your supplier (coming soon!)

Keep track of all sales through the easy to use invoicing feature!

Our invoicing system allows for the easy tracking of past sales or the creation of new one. Link sales to new customers, or connect them to previous account customers.

  • Easy to view list of all invoices
  • Search invoices by date
  • Print or email invoices to customers (even non-account customers)
  • Easily create an invoice to sell tyres or parts

Live reporting allows you to monitor all aspects of your business

TyreTec contains a number of different reports, all providing insight into how your business is running. Some of the many reports include:

  • Stock Inventory Statistics
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • End of day reports
  • Stock Check
  • Oldest stock report
  • Yearly sales comparison
  • Week-by-Week view on dashboard

Security is of prime concern at TyreTec. In a modern age, keeping data secure is not only essential for a healthy business, it is also a matter of law.

We've included many security technologies and features to keep you and your customer's data safe.

  • Cloud based technology removes the risk of data being damaged or stolen from your place of work
  • All connections to our servers are done via standard 256-bit SSL encryption
  • We provide multi user levels, meaning different staff members have different permissions in the system
  • Activity logs, meaning directors can see exactly what has happened in the system
  • Settings are 100% customisable so you can tweak the system to match your business

Human Resources - we can make it easier to manage your staff

TyreTec keeps track of your staff so that they can each login to the system. This allows you to manage futher details including;

  • Tracking sales on a per-staff member basis
  • Store contact information including next of kin details
  • Store wage related information
  • Manage holidays of all staff members, including allowing the staff members to book their own holidays

We pride ourselves on providing top level support for our TyreTec control system

TyreTec is in constant development, with new features being added on a monthly basis along with bug fixes and minor improvements, all of which have been suggested by our customers. We aim to make the software as easy as possible, with the customers at the forefront of our product.

We also provide top quality support to our customers with a team of dedicated support staff who will endeavor to solve issues over the phone, or log them with our senior developers to get the issues fixed.

TyreTec can be contacted by using our standard telephone number 0191 460 3263 or email address support@tyretec.co.uk

Exciting times are ahead for TyreTec, but one things for sure, the price will still remain the same value for money!

At the start of 2019, we rolled out a major version of our system which completed stage 1 of our roadmap. This included:

  • New design which is more user friendly
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly
  • Major speed increases
  • Human Resources
  • Parts Management

During 2019, we'll be working through stage 2 of our project which includes;

  • Accounts - Ability to manage other suppliers, track invoicing and print reports. This means you'll be able to track all income and expense for your business direct from within TyreTec
  • Ordering Tyres - Search for tyres from select suppliers, and have the system automatically buy them and add them to your system